I began my career as an A-Level teacher and Pastoral Tutor before taking time away from full time work to have my two children. For a time my life took a more “scenic” path. That period of transition from young professional to working mother was hard, and I’d be lying if I said otherwise. As I explored the next phase of my career I trained as an Antenatal Practitioner, which honed my skills as a listener and facilitator.

With two young children and working with the new families, a good friend introduced me to Stella & Dot jewellery and the rest is history. I loved meeting women from varied backgrounds who bonded over a love of all things sparkly. I quickly realised my passion was working with women to find their inner “sparkle” and my innate love of people fused with accessories and clothing was a match made in heaven.

As my business grew I took the opportunity to train in Colour Analysis, an area that I had always been fascinated by. I trained with the internationally awarded Consultant Kim Bolsover and launched Your Style in early 2019.

I’m clear on my passion/purpose; I want to help female entrepreneurs get camera confident so they can boost their visibility online. I’ve worked with hundreds of women both online and in person. It is a privilege and a thrill to be a part of their journey and I’m excited about playing a small part in yours.

I don’t claim to be all knowing. I am not selling perfection. Perfection is unattainable for you and unappealing for your audience.

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Be you. Be Your Style.

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