Learn how to embrace every fat flap, curve and wrinkle! I’m ALL about helping you fall in love with yourself, just as you are, right now. This consultation can be a daunting prospect but it will simply be the most amazing & liberating experience of your life! Knowing how to embrace your body and dress to make yourself look & feel amazing is so important. Not when you’ve lost weight (or achieved whatever is holding your back), right NOW!

We wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time! We have all put the same jeans and tops on again and again because they are “safe” and we enjoy how they make us feel. What is it about this outfit? How can you easily identify the next outfit that works for your body shape and style?

In this bespoke online consultation, you will receive

  • unlimited access to hours of videos around all aspects of styling. Areas include: seasonal trends, how to conceal a tummy, whether you should follow the latest fashion trends, where to shop for your shape & style and sooooo much more!
  • a fully comprehensive personalised report outlining everything from necklines to footwear. This report is created by me, based on pictures and a questionnaire you complete. It’s an amazing resource, and unlike any of the standard guides out there on the market
  • 30 minute 1-1 session with me via Zoom to go through any questions you have after you have gone through your report and looked at the online videos and resources. This is where we really get into the detail! You can have some clothes to show me that we can go through in the session or focus more on your body positivity. It’s your session, so anything goes!