Fenna & Fei Hoops – Winter / Cool


Made from sustainable and recycled products from Fenna & Fei, these hoops are a unique pop of colour. Each design is unique so colour/pattern may vary slightly.

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Committed to sustainable fashion, Fenna&Fei creates biodegradable and non-petroleum based jewelry and accessories. All of our pieces are made from ethically sourced cellulose acetate from both Italy and China.

The Process

Cellulose acetate is made by combining 100% acetic acid and cotton pulp. Acetate is first made into tiny white pellets which are melted down to form a paste. This paste is dyed using many different kinds of powders including shell for a pearl effect. Once the final color is decided, we set the sheets for laser cutting. Once cut, our pieces undergo a 3 day polishing regimen where they are rolled in wooden barrels and then hand polished to perfection.

The Name

The name Fenna&Fei is inspired by my two daughters, who I hope, grow up to inspire others and be a shining light in this world

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