“The best colour in the world is the one that looks great on you” (Coco Chanel)

Is your wardrobe full of black, navy and grey? Or is it a mish mash of every colour under the sun?! Do you feel like you have lost your way and have a wardrobe full of impulse buys? Would you like to sort this all out?!

Having your colours done is crucial! I believe every woman should know how to enhance their natural beauty. Wearing your best colours is better than any anti-ageing cream and it gives such a boost to your confidence. Knowing your colouring informs your make-up, accessories, hair colour choices, clothing and mood.

This isn’t about saying no to things you own; this about “owning” Your Style. If your entire wardrobe is black and you find out it isn’t the best for your colouring, then I will show you how to “own it”! I will also show you an alternative dark neutral that fulfils the same role as black but is more flattering for you. Essentially, I will help you portray the image you want that is most harmonious with your colouring.

The Consultation is carried out online (I was doing this pre-Covid as I believe for long lasting change it’s more effective than in-person).

You can sign up for either the Self-Led version for £75 or the Full Works for £147. The only difference is the Full Works gives you a 45 minute Zoom call with me to go through your report in more detail and to ask me about your clothing. I highly recommend the Full Works version but you can book a 1 hour Zoom call with me at a later date for £100 if you go for the Self-Led version. In this bespoke online consultation, you will receive

  • unlimited access to hours of videos around all aspects of colour. Areas include: make-up tutorials, can having a tan change your season, how to identify warm v cool colours, how to layer colours to make an impact, how to wear colours you love that don’t suit you and sooooo much more!
  • a fully comprehensive personalised report outlining your best colours & make-up & a digital colour palette to save to your phone. This report is created by me, based on pictures and a questionnaire you complete. It’s an amazing resource, and unlike any of the standard guides out there on the market
  • (FULL WORKS VERSION ONLY) 45 minute 1-1 session with me via Zoom to go through any questions you have after you have gone through your report and looked at the online videos and resources. This is where we really get into the detail! You can have some clothes to show me that we can go through in the session or focus more on your body positivity. It’s your session, so anything goes!
Self Led Colour Confidence
Full Works Colour Confidence

Can’t decide between Shape & Style or Colour Confidence? Book Your Ultimate Style and get access to lots of bonus modules, including: hair style & colour, face shapes & how to curate a capsule wardrobe!

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