Blusher or bronzer? Nude lippy or bright red? How do you go from day to night make-up? How do I perfect the natural look?

My Consultation follows on wonderfully from Colour Confidence. Knowing your colouring allows you to pick shades of eye shadow, blusher, bronzer etc. that complement and enhance your skin whilst looking natural. For example, having a cool skin tone means blue-based make-up is more harmonious and natural-looking than yellow-based products.

Using sustainable, natural, Tropic make-up , we spend an hour together exploring how to enhance your features. I tailor the Consultation around your style and preferences, leaving you knowing how to replicate Your Style.

This is not a “special occasion” make-up lesson. This is for looks that you can recreate with ease everyday. There is no pressure to buy the products I use as I will ensure you know how to translate the colours to other brands.

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