Do you open your wardrobe and groan?

We wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time! Our culture of fast affordable fashion bombards us with styles we believe we must have now, regardless of need or if it suits our shape.

Together we dive in to your wardrobe and evaluate every item of clothing you own to determine its role is in your wardrobe. You will end the Consultation with a curated closet, visibly organised by category so you can combine the items that work for you.

All your items will co-ordinate so they can be worn in limitless combinations. The goal is to have a true working capsule wardrobe not a jumble sale!

This Consultation embodies my motto “shrink your wardrobe, expand your style” and involves a large drink at the end!! It is designed to be done after Style & Shape and Colour Confidence, as it’s the culmination of understanding and owning Your Style.

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