Do it ladies … you won’t regret it!


Laura Taylor is fabulous! I was recommended her Online Colour Analysis by a friend and was so pleased with the results! She gives so much attention to detail with great advice on colours for clothes, accessories and Tropic makeup. It’s great to have some positive motivation during these tough times


I had such a brilliant colour consultation with Laura today! She’s so warm and friendly and through only a few questions I felt she really understood my style and relationship with colour. We then had loads of fun going through my best colours and also how to still wear colours that aren’t my most flattering. I found the session so empowering and I can’t wait to take this confidence forward in how I wear my clothes and accessories. Would highly recommend!


Laura was amazing! I have loved my tailored print out and have found her advice extremely useful. It has made me think about what to wear and my make up! A lovely gift during this difficult time. If anyone is looking for a virtual present for someone this is perfect! Thank you Laura!


I was so excited to get my report through and I was not disappointed. Laura has given me the confidence to now wear colours I wouldn’t have normally picked and I have a new found love for some of the pieces I have owned for ages. I loved the make up analysis and have followed it everyday since! I feel more confidence and have enjoyed some online shopping for some staple pieces in my accent colours. I highly recommend getting your colours done


I had a wonderful experience with Laura. Laura came to my home to help me declutter my wardrobe as well as a colour consultation. I had the most amount of fun and my wardrobe was a nightmare. Laura was patient, funny, kind and sensitive as I struggled to get rid of so many items of clothing. A total of at least 9 black bags later I could see what I had left.
Colour wise we had so much fun looking at colours that suited my skin tone and hair. Having taken Laura’s advise and been wearing my best colours. I love her style and her professionalism and would definitely recommend her to you all


Today my daughter and I had our colours done . Laura was so welcoming , professional and accommodating. The amount of detail that goes into this amazed me and I’ve left confident that I can choose the best colours to compliment my and my daughters complexion. I loved that we could talk about hair colour , make up and jewellery. As well as clothing and shoes .Thank you Laura and I will be recommending you to all my friends and family


I would highly recommend having a colour consultation with Laura. My relationship with colour is pretty non existent… the most colourful thing I own is my work uniform, which is probably why everything else is a sea of monochrome (I was pretty happy when Laura said I can still pull off black though!) I now have the confidence to experiment with colours and tones I previously would have shied away from – not just with clothing but everything down to hair colour, glasses frames, accessories and make up.


My mum and I had a mini colour consultation with Laura a while back (sorry for the delay in the post), and it was amazing to see that, despite looking very similar, our colourings are totally different (even though we use the same beauty booster shade).
Laura showed us which colours suited us most (I am winter, my mum is autumn) and how to use make up to bring out the best in our colouring! It has really surprised me (I am one of the lucky few who can wear black apparently!) and helped me make better decisions on what colours to buy in future (no more pastels for me). Thank you Laura!!


I am so glad I had my recent colour consultation with Laura. She offers a friendly, professional service and provided all the advice I needed to update my wardrobe. It was so helpful to find out which colours best suit me, I’m reaching for things I haven’t worn for ages and having the confidence to experiment more with colour! She offered advice on make-up, jewellery and accessories which have been invaluable too. I’m looking forward to stocking up my wardrobe with some summer brights I would never have thought of! I would definitely recommend, thank you Laura!


I am so pleased with my new Tropics makeup as well as getting Laura to do my own personal style report which showed me as a light spring! In the past I have chosen colours which I now know are cool colours and actually made me look dull… now I’m glowing and love it.Thank you Laura


I had an online consultation with Laura and am thrilled with it. It was very in depth and has taught me so much now I can’t wait to reinvent myself with MY COLOURS !! Thank you Laura


Had an online consultation with Laura and she was fab! Very thorough in looking at my eyes and colouring in different lights and working with colours I usually do and don’t like to wear. Looking forward to trying out some new make up and colours I probably wouldn’t have tried before. Thanks for your help, would definitely recommend!


I had an online colour analysis carried out by Laura. Brilliant! I’m not a girly girl, shopping is not my idea of fun, so this was brilliant as it’s given me a much better idea of what does and doesn’t suit me. The minefield that is clothes shopping will be much simpler from now on. I also really loved the make up suggestions. I’ll definitely be frequently referring back to the email report I received when I’m looking at clothes/make up/accessories. Laura really knows her stuff and her passion for this is infectious. Highly recommended!


I always wanted to have my colours done and am so glad I finally did, especially with Laura! I had a full report with my best colours to wear and how to wear them, what jewellery would work neat with my colouring, how to accessories my shoes, handbag, jackets and belts as well as which Tropic make-up I should use in my pallette. I was so excited with my new make-up colours and how fresh they made me feel I couldn’t help but take a photo! If you have been thinking about getting your colours done, do it. Laura provides a fantastic service. You won’t be disappointed!


I had a colour consultation the other day with Laura and she was lovely and so knowledgeable. It was so good to come away feeling excited about trying some new colours in my wardrobe. Thanks hun


Had a 1-1 colour consultation today with Laura, she is really knowledgable and enthusiastic, puts you at ease and helps you pick colours that will work with your existing wardrobe as well as giving advice on creating the best capsule collection to have too


I recently had a 1-1 colour analysis consultation with Laura and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Laura is professional, friendly and really passionate about helping women feel their absolute best. It’s great to know which colours compliment my skin tone and I now have an idea about which make up and accessories to add to my look too. I’m delighted to be ‘bright spring’ and the email report and colour swatch will guide me when I next go shopping. I can’t wait to shrink my wardrobe and buy some new coral and turquoise tops! Thank you Laura for all of your advice. I would highly recommend your service to family and friends


I had such a fantastic session with Laura. She is so lovely and super friendly , made me feel so welcoming. You can definitely feel her passion during our session. Laura has a great knowledge of how to use different colours to bring out your best assets. Now I have more confidence when shopping and choosing the best colours to suit me. Thank you Laura.


I recently had a colour consultation with Laura. It was fantastic. Laura came to my home and managed to provide me with a brilliant consultation despite my 2 year old son running around and trying to sabotage the session! I needed to buy a few new items of clothes and now I have the confidence to buy the bright colours that I love. I would have usually just chosen pieces that were “safe”, but Laura has given me the confidence to be bold! I would highly recommend Laura to friends and family. In fact I’m booking my Mum and sister in next!